Our favourite spot in the Southern Highlands

Favourite Spot Southern Highlands

Images by: Abbie Melle

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It’s no exaggeration to say that Dunrana Home represents the very best of Bowral living. This stunning property has a country homestead feel with a modern, luxurious edge. It’s our go-to spot in the Southern Highlands.

Kitchen Southern HighlandsBathroom Southern Highlands

Property owners Kym Foley and her husband have done all the thinking so you don’t have to… the open plan kitchen is fully kitted out for even the most ambitious entertainer. There’s a grand 8-seater table (complete with C+G napery). A woodfire to curl up in front of. Puzzles and books galore. Plus, the 4 beautiful bedrooms are dressed with C+G linens for their guests’ deepest rest.

Livingroom Carlotta Gee Southern HighlandsDuvet Covers Carlotta Gee Southern Highlands

Linen Tablecloth in Storm, Napkin Set in Storm, Linen Sheet Set in Sage, Duvet Cover in Pencil Stripes, Standard Pillowcase set in Sage, Standard Pillowcase set in Pencil Stripes, Quilt Cover in Natural-Grid

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Kym has managed to keep the historical charm of this 1860s building intact, whilst balancing this homage with contemporary luxury. Thus, they are able to deliver on their mission statement—“an ode to the past & a glimpse into the future”—perfectly.

Decoration Southern HighlandsTerrace Southern Highlands

Functional but, crucially, oh so inviting the predominately white walls help to accentuate the high ceilings and the natural light that floods in from gloriously large windows. Too much white can risk feeling sterile but the styling here is warm and country-chic, with a mix of antique and modern items throughout. With key pieces and features mostly in black, the monochrome of the setting is offset by flourishes of natural materials and colours to bring warmth and country comfort to the space.

Entrance Southern HighlandsLivingroom Carlotta and Gee Southern Highlands

Linen Napkin Set in Natural-Grid

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We particularly adore the way Kym has styled our linens. Using different combinations of our Grid and Pencil Stripe bedding with Storm, Sage, French Navy and Sand sheets and pillowcases in each room. This gives each space a distinct feeling but allows for a design throughline to carry through the entire house. The result is cohesive, calming and chic.

Bedroom Southern HighlandsPillowcases Carlotta and Gee Southern Highlands

Linen Sheet Set in Blue Stripes, Duvet Cover in Storm, Standard Pillowcase set in Storm, Standard Pillowcase set in Blue Stripes, Quilt Cover in Storm, European Pillowcases in French Navy

We had the pleasure of catching Kym for a cuppa in her beautiful home recently. We chatted the love story behind Dunrana, Australian creatives and what she loves about C+G. Read below, and fall in love with this one-of-a-kind home.

Duvet Covers Carlotta and Gee Southern HighlandsBed Complements Carlotta and Gee Southern Highlands

Linen Sheet Set in Sage, Duvet Cover in Pencil Stripes, Standard Pillowcase set in Sage, Standard Pillowcase set in Pencil Stripes, Quilt Cover in Natural-Grid

C+G: What was the inspiration behind Dunrana Bowral?

KF: The main inspiration behind Dunrana Bowral is the country. We wanted to be respectful of the area and personality of the house whilst bringing it to life. Dunrana is named after my husband and I – he grew up in a small village called Dunlavin, Ireland and myself, Urana NSW, a tiny rural farming community. It is our love story. You will find many nods to the Australian countryside combined with a few subtle hints related to Ireland throughout the property.

C+G: Have you always loved Bowral and the surrounding area? It is a special place for sure.

KF: I have always been drawn to country areas that have character. The Southern Highlands has a charm to it that is quite unique in Australia. A combination of influences from the United Kingdom and Ireland with its own Australian take on it. The Southern Highlands is dotted with quaint history-filled little villages, surrounded by beautiful trees, homes and businesses – how can you not fall in love with a place that has so much charm?

C+G: What feeling are you trying to create for guests when they come to stay? Bowral is the perfect setting for all seasons?

KF: Ultimately, we want guests to feel comfortable. Guests that are staying at Dunrana are generally celebrating – a wedding party getting ready, a 50th birthday getaway, family members reuniting – therefore we try and make everything as seamless as possible whilst making it an experience. Bowral puts on a show all year round. The colours of the Autumn leaves, sitting in front of the fire during Winter, the greenery and festive atmosphere in Summer but my favourite time of the year is Spring. When the blossoms and flowers start appearing, the trees get their leaves back and everything starts coming to life – there is just something so romantic about that time of the year.

C+G: You have nailed the old meets new look - A 1860s cottage with a little refresh and a modern extension is something guests can expect when they arrive. The barn door finishes are a favourite of ours - what also do you love most or can give an insight to guests?

KF: The ethos of Dunrana Bowral is “an ode to the past & a glimpse into the future”. We want guests to be transported when they arrive. I have styled Dunrana to evoke feelings. There are beautiful modern pieces mixed with vintage and antique pieces in the property that are there to take you back to a memory whilst you are there creating your own memory. A few of my favourite pieces are my late Grandparents silver goblets from their anniversary, an old safe from Grandpas Shed in Fitzroy Falls and black ginger jar from Dirty Janes in Bowral. I want guests to see, look, touch and lose themselves in the world of Dunrana.

Pillowcases Bedroom Carlotta and Gee Southern HighlandsTablecloth Carlotta and Gee Southern Highlands

Sheet set in Charcoal, Duvet Cover in Sand, Standard Pillowcase set in Sand, Quilt Cover in Storm, Quilt Cover in Natural-Grid, Linen Napkin Set in Aqua

C+G: What do you love most about linen and the C+G products you have chosen for your guests to sleep in?

KF: One of the first reasons I was drawn to C+G is the quality of the linen. Being a short term accommodation provider we need linen that is exceptional quality but is also comfortable and dreamy whilst being durable. C+G ticks all the boxes and so many more. For all the bedding I chose colours that really compliment and elevate each space – Storm, Sand, French Navy, Natural Grid, Sage and Pencil Stripes. The weather in Bowral is quite unpredictable. Winter can get extremely cold. So we have the quilt covers on every bed! My favourite is Natural Grid.

C+G: You also have a store where guests can purchase the items they love after staying there? Can you tell us about this?

KF: I have been fortunate through my journey with Dunrana Bowral that I have met many beautiful Australian brands and creatives. Like so many other people I have been left disheartened by the fast fashion and mass produced industries we find ourselves surrounded by. I started Dunrana Home as my love story to Australian brands and creatives. Those who stand apart, can’t be replicated and are uniquely themselves, standing proud. Dunrana Home now stocks 15 amazing brands like C+G, Mason Wylde, Vahy, Porter & Hudson and Stephanie Hunter to name a few. All these brands have pieces to elevate your home – from your table, to your bed, to your décor. Beautiful quality pieces that can become family heirlooms, conversation starters and stand the test of time.

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