Marie Claire & C+G in Nadia Fairfax’s stunning home


Images by: Alana Landsberry, Marie Claire

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We’re not shy about saying how much we love Nadia Fairfax-Wayne’s bold, chic and vibrant aesthetic, which is why we were delighted to collaborate with her on our limited edition napery collection. Essentially, the fashion editor and stylist was the only choice when it came to dreaming up the perfect linen collection for summer entertaining.

Tablecloth CantaloupePlacemat Set and Napkin

Tablecloth in Cantaloupe, Placemat Set in Bumblebee, Napkin set in Marmalade

The result isn’t shy either—it’s a bright, fun, versatile and stylish range. So much so it caught the eyes of sartorial types over at Marie Claire Australia. Together with the magazine we decided a shoot in Nadia’s stunning Paddington home was in order.

Nadia FairfaxHomewear

Not only so we could capture the collection in action but also so we could soak in all the nooks and unique elements of the interiors. A treasure trove for the eyes, Nadia has managed to translate her unique approach to style into a cohesive, vibrant and comfortable home.

Round TableclothSleepwear

Tablecloth in Cantaloupe, Napkin set in Marmalade, Placemat Set in Bumblebee, Duvet Cover in Blush, Flat Sheet in White, Fitted Sheet in White, Standard Pillowcase set in Blush, Standard Pillowcase set in White

Colour, texture and styling are used to brilliant effect here. With bright perspex pops, pastel panelled walls, sumptuous peachy marble and eclectic, artisanal accessories dotted throughout every room. As a whole it’s effortlessly cool and lively, just like the lady herself.

Read our interview with her below and take in the gorgeous imagery from the Marie Claire shoot to fully immerse yourself in Nadia’s wonderfully inspiring home.

Nadia Fairfax Linen

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C+G: Can you tell us about collaborating with Carlotta + Gee, what feeling did you want for the collection?

NF: The concept for Nadia Fairfax-Wayne x Carlotta + Gee was born over a year ago. It was all about creating a laid-back yet unafraid napery collection. We were keen to create functional but beautiful napery to enhance home entertaining. Bright, simple and elegant—we hope you like them!

TablewareLinen Napkins

Extra-large placemat set in Aegean, Extra-large placemat set in Duck Egg, Extra-large placemat set in Pickle, Napkin set in bumblebee, Placemat set in Bumblebee, Extra-large placemat set in Sangria, Two colours tablecloth in Strawberry jam

C+G: Your Paddington house is beautiful - tell us about it?

NF: I really love our house, it is an entertainer's house. I could hear myself saying over and over again “when we host dinner parties” to our Interior designer, Tamsin Johnson. Each room is centered around hosting guests, and we worked back from there.

C+G: What did you really want people to take away from the collection?

NF: Being cool is for losers. So that’s why it was really important to me that this collection made people love what makes them feel joy.

So with this, it was all about creating laid-back yet unafraid napery. With the help of Instagram, we are privy to some of the most spectacular events and tables. I think we often think to ourselves that it is best left to the professional event planners, but I disagree!

I wanted to help people feel like they can easily create captivating tablescapes for each and every meal. Plus, we have some two-sided table clothes in the collection, which is UNREAL! It's all about “getting more” out of your napery. This way each and every tablescape you create feels a little different to the last, so that the memories you create from each celebration are truly distinct and last a lifetime!

Linen Nadia FairfaxLinen Placemats

Placemat set in Bumblebee, Extra-large placemat set in Pickle, Double sided Tablecloth in Sea- Forest

C+G: People say your home is a reflection of your fashion approach - do you agree?

NF: I guess it’s not so much of an “approach” but a feeling from within. My personality is rather lively (haha) and I think my stylistic choices - whether it be fashion or interiors, really flows from that. Upbeat and audacious selections which, I hope, bring cheer to the eyes of others.

Well-known and friend of Carlotta + Gee’s, Tamsin Johnson was your interior designer for your place, what was your brief to her.

I said it must be different from anyone else's. We definitely wanted the house to be filled with fun - should it be through colour, texture or shape, but I didn't want it to be filled with items that would become passé or obsolete too quickly. We still wanted it to feel timeless. I told Tamsin that from the get-go and (in my eyes) she hit the nail on the head.

Linen TablewareNadia Fairfax

Placemat set in Bumblebee, Extra-large placemat set in Sangria, Extra-large placemat set in Aegean, Two colours tablecloth in Strawberry jam, Napkin set in Bumblebee, Napkin set in Sangria, Napkin set in Marmalade

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