We are a small business and customer service is our number one priority - we like to be an extension of your homeware / interior design making, being involved and assisting to make the decision easier for you.

With this in mind, we want to be open about every part of the process of our business so you have complete faith in us - not just from our passion and values, however seeing it in full circle. So this is from growing the flax right through how the product arrives on your doorstep.

Being a small team with our committed suppliers, we can be open with them to ask the questions and be assured of all procedures, giving us confidence when talking to you. We are in regular contact with our farmers in Normandy where we have insights into their daily activities and the ways in which they grow the flax plants. From here it is sent to a family owned factory to create the linen in the larger Hong Kong area. From the very beginning we have visited this factory, understanding their ways of working even spending time in there sewing on our labels, speaking to the staff and even having them teach us the secrets to folding fitted sheets! It meant so much to us seeing the process full circle and we then can appreciate the time and effort into every piece which is produced. This allows us to have a fantastic relationship with them and they are open to feedback - we work in a very collaboratively way to create the ideal product. They really are an extension of our business. It helps so much visiting so often as we feel really connected on every decision. As we are a small team, they are an extension which provides great support, strength and advice in terms of making the product. They are SA8000 rated, meaning that all workers are fairly and ethically treated – you can read more about this certification below.

We are happy to talk to you personally about any other questions you might have. Carlotta + Gee

Packaging is an important part of the product, too

Packaging is an important part of the product too. The product doesn’t just finish there, it must be packed in something to then arrive to you safely. We pack all our items in 100% French Linen carry bags, which can then be used to store your linen in after -another great form of sustainability. The pack then is sent out in 100% recycled packaging. Linen is a natural plant, so we want to ensure this remains right through to the packaging as well. We have said no to plastic or anything that doesn’t degrade or can be reused again.

Dying our linen to create beautiful colours

We ensure no formaldehyde is used to set our dyes, meaning less toxins for your body. We have visited this factory to - as it is different to where the linen is cut and woven, however owned by the same family. Do remember that when you dry the linen after washing, it is important not to leave out in the direct sunlight as this can affect the colouring being a natural plant and not using strong dyes.

In order to be as sustainable as possible, we do not use Formaldehyde to set our dyes, meaning less toxins for your body. It does mean however that the colour will not be as firmly set but we have made an active choice to design with quality and health in mind. We use environmental dying.

Quality products

Carlotta + Gee linen can proudly say we have the OEKO-TEX certificate - this means that the fabric is tested to make sure that no harmful substances are used before being sent to us. We also have a stamp of approval to say that our flax plants are authentically grown in France and no where else before being sent to be manufactured.

The SA8000 Standard is a document which is independently audited in relation to the protection of workers’ rights. By having this certificate, it means that the factory has upheld SA8000 compliance for three years beforehand and continues to do so with regular checks.