An Enchanting Italian Escape

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Nestled in the verdant landscapes of Italy's Cesano Valley, just a short drive from the Adriatic's pristine beaches, Malatesta Maison is a tranquil oasis. This sprawling property, dating back to 1485, marries ancient architecture with modern design.

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Malatesta Maison boasts three distinct houses, thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to 14 guests. Inside, the décor blends Nordic and Italian styles in soothing light hues, featuring custom-made furniture and unique flea-market finds. Every room benefits from a floor-cooling system, ensuring comfort amidst elegance. The property's layout, with its large reception rooms and easy indoor-outdoor flow, is ideal for both intimate moments and grand celebrations.

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Once there, you’ll want for nothing. You can savour Marche's gastronomic delights in the villa's modern kitchen, from tasting the finest local produce to engaging in pasta-making sessions. The property also boasts lavish wellness facilities including a sauna, hammam, and whirlpool, alongside a breathtaking infinity pool.

Sheet Set in Blush, Quilt Cover in Sage


Plus, the villa's bedrooms are all adorned with C+G linens, enhancing the ambiance with their fresh and fuss-free style, perfectly complementing the villa's natural beauty.

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We were lucky enough to pay this gorgeous part of the world a visit and sit down with Debra to chat more about Malatesta Maison. Read our conversation below. 

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C+G: Tell us your background story of how you decided to have your own Italian Villa in the countryside? Everyone’s DREAM!

DDAfter years of visiting Italy, we finally decided to turn our dream of owning a house there into reality. The turning point occurred during a visit to the region, coinciding with the end of Covid. Faced with the uncertainty of the future, we decided to start living our dream now, embracing the beauty and possibilities that Italy has to offer.

C+G: We are sure it was a very hard process to bring it all to life from America where you live - tell us about that?

DDLuckily, we connected with a fantastic real estate agent early on who truly got what we were looking for. While exploring properties in Umbria, she mentioned a place in Marche that she believed would be perfect for us. The house exudes a character and charm that's tough to describe, and it's conveniently close to the Adriatic coast—a perfect fit for our family.

Sheet Set in Blush, Quilt Cover in Sage


C+G: You stayed at the Villa before buying it - what do you love about it? 

DD: There was an immediate connection with the charm, serene vibes, and awe-inspiring views. Each stay left its mark, and surprisingly, it didn't take long for us to feel like we truly belonged there. And, of course, being able to indulge in Italian food and wine only enhanced our love for the place!

C+G: What can guests enjoy most about the villa?

DDGuests can enjoy breathtaking views and the scent of lavender and butterflies throughout the garden. Relax by the pool, indulge in local cuisine, or join a pasta-making session. The villa's proximity to the Adriatic coast and charming towns offers a diverse range of exploration, creating unforgettable memories.

C+G: You have C+G of course on your bed / beds at Malatesta Maison - what is your favourite combinations?

DD: Our favourite is the blush with sage, adding a fresh vibe to our rooms that complement the surrounding beauty perfectly.


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