A Lifetime of Luxury Begins with Care

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Welcome to a world of woven bliss with Carlotta + Gee 100% pure French linen. We understand the joy that comes with owning carefully crafted, organically grown, European Flax. Read on for our best-kept washroom secrets to keep your linen looking fresh, and lasting a lifetime.

Duvet Cover in Pinot, Duvet Cover in OliveSheet Set in Wide Natural StripesStandard Pillowcases in OliveEuropean Pillowcases in Wide Natural Stripes Stripes, Linen Shirt in Rosa, Linen Shorts in Rosa


When you hold your Carlotta + Gee linen in your hands, you are embracing quality, care,  and craftsmanship. Our linen has been pre-washed with volcanic stones adding an extra touch of softness that welcomes you every time you touch it.

Apron in Natural, Linen Robe in Blush


Each piece is coloured with natural dyes and will get softer with every wash as long as it’s treated with care. This isn't just another linen; it's a commitment to comfort. Rest well knowing we’ve made caring for your sheets, and your rest, easy as. Just follow our tried and tested laundry day tips below.

Simple Care Tips for Lasting Love:

1. Machine Wash with Love: Always machine wash your linen with similar colours and use a gentle fabric softener. For whites, a warm wash at up to 60°C is perfect, while coloured linens should be washed at temperatures up to 40°C. This ensures your linen retains its vibrancy for years to come.

2. Choose Quality Laundry Liquid: Opt for a high-quality laundry liquid, but make sure it doesn’t directly touch your linen. Diluting your detergent with water before use can prevent direct contact, preserving the integrity of your fabric.

3. Say No to Tumble Drying: While we understand the convenience, tumble drying can shorten the lifespan of your linen. If tumble drying is a must, try not to let your linen dry completely. Instead, finish with a low-temperature ironing session, to gently decompact the fibres and restore their irresistible softness.

4. Embrace Nature’s Drying: Line drying is the best friend of your linen. Avoid direct sunlight though, as prolonged exposure can burn and cause colours to fade. Nature’s gentle, shaded touch will keep your linen fresh and vibrant.

5. Handle with Care: Avoid harsh chemicals, bleaching, and dry cleaning. Additionally, steer clear of sharp accessories like metal zips that might snag your delicate linen threads.

6. Wrinkles Add Character: Don’t fret over wrinkles; they add character to your linen. However, if you desire a pristine look, a gentle ironing on a low setting will do the trick.

Your journey with Carlotta + Gee is not just about owning linen; it's about embracing a lifestyle of serenity and sustainability. With these care tips, your linen will not just endure; it will flourish. Sleep soundly, live well, and revel in the daily embrace of your Carlotta + Gee linen.