Carlotta + Gee is an all-natural, sustainable Australian linen brand offering 100% French linen bedding and homeware products in a wide range of warm, earthy tones. You’ve never slept in anything more comfy! It’s our mission to make your bedroom, and more specifically your bed, your favourite space in your home.

The idea to create our own linen brand began when two friends; Carlotta, who is originally from Barcelona and comes from a family with a long history specialising in interior design and textiles, and Georgie, a brand, PR and communications expert originally from Melbourne, took a trip together to a boutique hotel in Byron Bay. We fell in love with the feeling of sleeping in pure linen bedding. So breathable! So refreshing! Those who’ve experienced good linen sheets will understand. From there, our obsession with linen bedding grew and we combined our experience, developed our product over numerous trips to France and created our own brand, Carlotta + Gee, which was born in 2018.

Since then we’ve maintained three goals: to offer a high-quality product that our customers love, to ensure that each product is eco-friendly and sustainable, and finally that they are affordable so you can grow your collection and play with the colours, just like we do.

Our dream is for you to invest in yourself; in your mind, body and health. Enjoying a good night’s sleep will assist in making you feel inspired and energised, as well as a feeling of calmness. Our sheets will ensure you have the best sleep possible. 

We hope you enjoy the natural goodness of our linen bedding.