A Homely Haven by the Bay


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In the heart of the NSW South Coast, nestled within the serene landscapes of Yuin Country, lies Baia. It's a unique holiday sanctuary, designed to bring the fast pace of modern life to a gentle halt. Conceived by the imaginative minds of Brooke and Gemma, this charming home is a testament to the beauty of taking time to get back to nature.

Duvet Cover in Yellow Stripes, Sheet Set in Olive, Standard Pillowcases in Yellow Stripes, Standard Pillowcases in Olive


Whether it's sharing stories around the sun-drenched dining table, curling up with a good book by the window bench, or indulging in self-care, Baia is designed to foster stillness and joy.

Duvet Set in Olive Stripes, Sheet Set in Olive Stripes, Standard Pillowcases in Marine Blue, Standard Pillowcases in Olive Stripes


Each of the three spacious bedrooms is a sanctuary in its own right, complete with comfy, cosy beds dressed in C+G linens, meaning guests are greeted in the morning with softness and end their days in comfort. Plus, the chosen colour combinations beautifully echo the natural beauty of the surroundings. From the rich Olive and Vintage Pink in the master room to the Marine Blue paired with Olive Stripes for a nod to the nearby sea, each choice has been made with care and intention, enhancing the overall restful ambiance.

Duvet Set in Olive, Sheet Set in Vintage Pink, Standard Pillowcase Set in Vintage Pink, Standard Pillowcase Set in Olive


The home accommodates up to six guests, and all rooms are styled with a blend of new and vintage furniture. Baia feels like a luxe home away from home. In fact, all the interiors of Baia intentionally blend warmth, homeliness, and unique character, reflecting the sisters’ travels and their passion for sustainable and thoughtful design. With a focus on environmental consciousness, Baia partners with brands and utilises products that share this commitment (like us!).

Sheet Set in Olive Stripes, Duvet Set in Marine Blue, Standard Pillowcase Set in Marine Blue


The well equipped kitchen opens up to a lush outdoor area perfect for gatherings. And for those returning from the day's beach explorations, an outdoor shower awaits. All this, plus the local area offers a treasure trove of natural beauty and activities. From the stunning coves framed by native bushland to the adventures awaiting in Booderee National Park, there is no shortage of ways to connect with nature.


Baia's story is one of passion and vision, brought to life by Brooke and Gemma with a deep desire to share their love for design, comfort, and the beauty of the Australian coast. We were lucky enough to take a pause from life and spend some quality time there, where we caught up with the sisters over a tea. Read our chat with the girls below and start planning your getaway.

Duvet Set in Olive, Sheet Set in Vintage Pink, Standard Pillowcase Set in Vintage Pink, Standard Pillowcase Set in Olive


C+G: Tell us your background story of how you two decided to build a beautiful home that now people can stay in too?

GC & BCCreating Baia was mostly driven by our desire for others to experience what we both seek out when taking time away from busy Sydney. We have a growing appreciation for escapes that encourage you to slow down and respectfully experience the community you are visiting. We aspired to create a home where our interests in and appreciation of good design could be shared. We wanted others to feel what we felt! 

As sisters, we are so lucky to also have such a strong friendship, we’ve been able to travel and live together over the years and when we both wanted to invest in property and take on a creative project, we started browsing the East Coast for opportunities. There were a few tense online auctions and many virtual home inspections (during the infamous lockdowns) but by the time our place came around, we knew what we needed in a home to make Baia a reality. This was a first for both of us - buying, renovating, styling a unique stay - so it definitely took longer than we anticipated but we were able to live in and enjoy the South Coast while we navigated our way through the project.

C+G: What can people look forward to when they stay?

GC & BCMorning birdsong! Such a beautiful way to naturally wake. Expect a change of pace! Baia is set up for guests, whether travelling by yourself or with a group, to rest and recharge, however you choose to do so. We’ve thoughtfully designed the in and outdoor areas of Baia so that guests can gather and enjoy the simple pleasures – waking with tea at the breaky bar, getting lost in a good book by the fire, conversation around the sun drenched dining table with your favourite record record playing, and a nightcap by the firepit. We're big believers in self-care, so we've included 100% organic cotton towels and Australian botanical products to help you create a relaxing self-care ritual.


C+G: Your interiors, look and feel are very unique - can you explain how this vibe came about?

GC & BC: We really wanted to create spaces that were warm and homely but that also had character. When we started the Baia project, we weren’t sure which aesthetic we wanted to work towards and which story we wanted to tell but we knew we had a strong collection of design and style interests and ideas that we had gathered over time, mostly from our travel experiences in places like India, Japan, Italy and Spain.

We have been mindful of our impact on the environment when choosing the products and brands we partnered with, and consciously explored vintage stores and marketplace for items that we could bring back to life or repurpose.

We’ve always been curious about the way colour, texture and pattern are used in a space – we love the idea of styling that conveys contrast but that still feels harmonious and inviting.

While the process didn’t come without decision fatigue and doubt, it has been really exciting to see it all come together in the way we hoped it would. We know that Baia will continually evolve and there will be plenty more stories and vintage finds to share along the way.

C+G: What else is in the area which guests can enjoy?

GC & BCIt was important to us when creating Baia that we live and experience the area ourselves so that we could authentically share local favourites. For us, the true gems of the area are outdoors, connecting with nature. The Australian native bushland frames each of the beautiful coves which we always find breathtaking. 

We would encourage guests to embrace the beauty and adventure of staying so close to Booderee National Park, from Greenpatch to Murray’s and everything in between, you’ll find the whitest sand that squeaks under your feet and clear blue ocean water that you won’t be able to resist. Pack a picnic and find a special place to settle in for the afternoon, you’re likely to come across some kangaroos and may spot some of the local Dolly’s (dolphins).

There are plenty of places to unwind, whether it’s bush walking, secluded swims, visiting tastings at local breweries or art and cultural activities, there really is something in and around Jervis Bay for everyone. Supporting local business is important to us so venture out and try some of the delicious eats and shops in Vincentia, Huskisson or further onto Milton.

C+G: We love that you and your guests sleep in C+G - tell us about the colour combinations you have decided on?

GC & BC: Our guests love sleeping in C&G linen too, it really is so soft and inviting. We wanted to bring warmth into each of the bedrooms as well as keeping to our love for colour, texture and patterns. We were drawn to your earthy colours and went with a few unexpected pairings to complement some of our other bold colour choices throughout Baia.

We are both drawn to tones of green which you can see throughout the house, so no surprise we chose Olive more than once.  We chose Olive and Vintage Pink for the master room which has brought a richness to the space. This room holds some unique repurposed furniture which adds personality so we wanted the colour pairing of the linen to also draw your attention. 

Being close to the sea and encouraging our guests to enjoy nature around Jervis Bay, the lush depth of the Marine Blue made this a well aligned choice. We paired this with Olive Pinstripe for texture and have this alongside other stripe furnishings in the room. As soon as we saw the Yellow stripe in the new collection, we knew we wanted it at Baia. We wanted to have something a little more striking for downstairs, and the pairing with Olive really enhances the space.


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