Get To Know Us



My favourite shade from the range is... Marine or Natural Stripes. I’m a lover of stripes! I’ve been playing with colour more and pairing them with White or Musk. It looks great and injects some colour into my room. It's also really fun just playing around.

My sleep routine goes like this... getting up early, enjoying the sunrise and swimming in the ocean.

My favourite way to spend the weekend is... in nature. I'm happiest by the ocean or sunbaking. I love planning trips away with friends, especially down to Jervis Bay (South NSW coast).

I'm inspired by... female founders. I’ve seen what it takes to start a business by beginning Carlotta + Gee and it’s a lot of work but the effort is worth it. I love watching other founders start their journey too.


My favourite shade from the range is... Dark grey! It's one of our original shades and it makes me feel good when sleeping in it. It looks great matched with Stone, Natural and even Light Pink. I recently added our Oat Euro Pillowcases to the mix to inject some colour.

My sleep routine goes like this... I love my sleep particularly sleep-ins. But the reality is I tend to go to bed quite late after a long day and then wake early to go for a swim at Tamarama beach where we live. This is always followed by coffee at My Flower Man. Over the summer it was so enjoyable to go to sleep each night with no alarm set and wake whenever my eyes opened.

My favourite way to spend the weekend is... to escape to somewhere out of the city, whether that's the country, ocean or overseas—I don’t mind! Waking up somewhere different on a Saturday morning is energising. A mixture of achieving things and relaxing, letting the body regroup all the nutrition it needs is what I love doing. I love the feeling on a Sunday night when you can smile after a lovely weekend or that Friday night feeling knowing you are excited for the weekend. 

I'm inspired by... the golden hour moments—that time between 5-7 pm every evening. I like to try and stop to appreciate this time. It’s when the sun is just setting and you can reflect on the day. Entrepreneurial spirit inspires me too. Anyone who wants to be different or push boundaries is exciting.