C +G Explores Nimbo Folk Lodge

Our latest adventure takes us to Nimbo Fork Lodge - an escape so beautiful that you can effortlessly leave the worries of the world behind you, and can confidently look forward to a time of relaxation and beauty. The Lodge is nestled in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains at the northern end of Kosciuszko National Park between Gundagai and Tumut. It is well worth the trip!

It's only been two weeks since our last getaway, and we’re excited to be back on the road again for the next C+G Explore. Once more we head on the Hume out of Sydney towards the Snowy Mountains with nothing but fond memories of our time at Kimo Estate (see link to last journal entry here ). We’re far better prepared for the 4 hour drive from Sydney this time around. With snacks and the sounds of John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High, we know this surely isn’t our first rodeo, and even more certainly that it won’t be our last! Instead of passing through Gundagai, this time we cut southeast and head towards Tumut with nothing but pristine outback to make us feel welcome.

Far from weary, we arrive at Nimbo Fork Lodge – a gorgeous collection of six private cottages and a main lodge with five suits. Our cottage is cute and cosy. It has all white finishings, lodge furnishing and a bath with a view that is second to none (has to be seen with your own eyes!). Like all the cottages, there is a large balcony overlooking the river. It's no surprise that the only stress we had was in choosing where to relax: the bed, the bath or the balcony!

We were only meant to stay one night but within hours we knew we’d have to extend - the location was just too dreamy to tear ourselves away! Nor was it particularly hard to talk ourselves into it given there were so many photo opportunities to showcase our linen. So, on our final day, while we breathed in the fresh air and let ourselves rest and share some of the personal highlights from our stay.

First, the food! All meals are served up at the main lodge with a delightful team to host you. We strongly suggest having your morning coffee on the balcony – there’s nothing like early morning rays and crisp air to kickstart your day. Second, nature walks. There is an abundance of trails of varying lengths and difficulties so you can pick and choose your path depending on what you need then and there. Third – and only for the brave – river swims! We were told we were mad for swimming in winter, but when you sleep as well as we do you can trust your body can handle anything! For those who’d still prefer something a little less nippy.  

We can’t recommend enough a stay at Nimbo Fork Lodge. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see us there – but you’ll have to race us to the bath!

Carlotta and Gee