C+G explains why their linen is extra soft

Historically, linen has been seen as a thick and stiff material. However, production of the flax plant and the way linen is manufactured have significantly developed over the years, and this is no longer the case. Carlotta and Gee’s linen is super soft and will leave you not wanting to get out of bed.

Due to its unique properties, linen gets softer, shinier, and simply more scrumptious with each wash. 

All of Carlotta + Gee’s linen products are pre-washed in volcanic stones from Malaysia for over four hours to accelerate the flax softening process. This results in extra soft, luxurious linen bedding which will help boost your mood as well as your slumber.

In fact, the more you wash them at home, the softer they become! Our customers are constantly telling is that their linen keeps getting softer. It’s so nice to receive this feedback! At C&G, it’s our mission to make your bedroom, and more specifically your bed, your favourite space in your home.

Carlotta and Gee