The linen used across our collections is of the highest quality, made from raw materials grown in an environmentally sustainable way. This makes the texture of our products ultra-soft, yet they are durable and last for years.

Materials Carlotta and Gee

European Flax® Certified Linen

Flax is not only the strongest natural fibre in the world, but can be grown using methods that are highly sustainable. That’s why, to manufacture its premium linen products, C + G only sources this raw material if it is European Flax® certified. 

The European Flax® label confirms place of origin traceability, from the field where the Flax plant was grown and harvested, right through to the Duvet Cover or Tablecloth in your home. It also ensures that the high-grade fibres in the product were sourced from northern Europe.

The label also shows farmers’ commitment to avoid irrigation, not use GMO seeds, and zero waste. The extraction of fibres (scotching) is mechanical, meaning no chemicals are used in the process.

You can rest assured that when you buy C + G Flax linen, you are buying a high quality product and helping to reduce the global carbon footprint.