Once you “get” why sleeping in pure linen is so good, it’s hard to become unhooked. The benefits are many, all of which we aim to amplify at Carlotta + Gee with pure, sustainable materials, little to no chemicals and beautiful shades of pared-back colour to bring it all together. Switching from cotton bedding to linen is a lifelong choice.

Benefits of Sleeping on Linen

Linen equals comfortable sleep

We spend roughly one-third of our lives asleep. So if there’s one thing to invest in, it’s making sure you sleep soundly and comfortably. And why not look good while doing it, too? Many factors contribute to sound sleep, including room temperature and your evening routine. But for us, the type of bedding you choose to sleep incomes first. Our sheets are washed in volcanic stones from Malaysia for over four hours. This accelerates the softening process for Flax, the natural plant that is the result is extra soft, luxurious linen bedding that will give you the dreamiest sleep and help you wake up refreshed.

Linen Is For Life

Flax is the oldest and strongest natural fibre in the world. It’s naturally 30% thicker and stronger than cotton, which extends the durability of our sheets, so you’ll be able to sleep comfortably in them for many years to come. The stone-washing process makes linen soften with age. So not only will it last longer than cotton sheets, it’ll feel better against your skin, too.

Perfect For All Seasons

Linen’s breathability means it can be used all year round. Flax’s natural fibres allow air to circulate within your sheets, freshening and cooling you off in summer. Linen sheets will never stick to you! Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, linen will also retain the heat from your body during the year’s cooler months, keeping you warm and cozy inside the bed.

Easy To Care For

We have carefully sought out linen that doesn’t need to be ironed - isn’t that the dream? Aside from saving you time, this also has a positive effect on the environment by requiring a lower energy expenditure. Our linen also dries quickly, so you can wash and dry your set and have it back on your bed the same day. In fact, the more you wash your sheets, the softer they'll become.

Chemical-free and Hypoallergenic

The fabric of linen is naturally permeable and can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp. Unlike cotton, linen draws away the moisture in the air, remaining cool and dry to the touch, meaning it won’t retain any nasty smells. Linen’s antibacterial properties are perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin, and it’s also been known to stimulate blood flow.

Low Environmental Footprint

Our pride in our products also stems from their environmental friendliness. Flax can be grown all around the world but we source ours from Normandy, France, where optimal climatic conditions ensure the plants are grown naturally and ecologically, without the need for pesticides or dangerous chemicals. Flax doesn't need heavy irrigation, so its production uses little water, making it a more sustainable choice. Our linen is carefully dyed free from harmful chemicals.