Tiny Three Ten: A little gem in the Hunter Valley

Tiny Three Ten

Images by Davina Bambrick

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Carlotta + Gee is thrilled to appear in this private off-grid retreat hidden within the Dungog landscape. An amazing retreat experience recently built where you will be able to experience the simplicity of nature while sleeping in C+G sheets.

Tiny Three Ten and Carlotta & GeeCarlotta & Gee visit Tiny Three Ten

We had the opportunity to interview the owner Chloe Chick to learn more about the property and how she started this beautiful retrait.

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Relax on Tiny Three Ten

Tell us about your beautiful property Tiny Three Ten to those who haven’t visited it yet?

Tiny Three Ten is an architecturally designed accommodation, built-in 2021, and thoughtfully crafted to make the most of the natural landscape. Set on a private ten-acres, three kilometres from Dungog, NSW, Tiny Three Ten was designed through our core philosophy of everything you need and nothing you don't.

You have a very interesting background, can you expand a little for us to help set the scene on how then this idea came about?

Having lived abroad for over 15 years (Tanzania, UK, Switzerland, France and Singapore), we reached a stage where our craving for the natural Australian environment became a priority. Also, many of the travelling adventures we were fortunate to undertake relied on self-sufficiency and the ability to be light on our feet (literally).

We found that when we were travelling in a natural environment with very little "stuff", we were at our happiest, calmest and most content. So we figured if we felt like that, surely others would too, so let's create a place in nature with 'everything you need and nothing you don't'.

Relax on Tiny Three Ten, Carlotta and Gee

Dungog, a tiny town in the Hunter region seems to be growing and expanding - what excites you most about the region?

We are constantly invigorated by the natural beauty of Dungog and the warmth of the local community. We swim in pristine waterholes, mountain bike on nationally recognised trails, and walk through World Heritage Listed National Parks - we don't take any of it for granted. As for the community - it is so wonderfully unique. It's multi-generational, diverse and supportive, and like everything in life - the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

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Tiny Three Ten in National Park

Tell us about the design and inspiration behind Tiny Three Ten? We noticed there was an outdoor bath too! Could you please also mention who led the architectural and styling project?

We have always been interested in the Small Living and Tiny House movement and were inspired by many in the industry. For Tiny Three Ten, we were lucky enough to collaborate with Base Cabin, Fowler & Ward and Studio Aquilo to develop the whole user experience. It was important for us to design the outdoor area with as much thought as the indoor since this was about connecting people to nature and the outdoors - including cooking on open flame and bathing under a starry sky. Our intention was not to create luxury accommodation but to develop a way of life, an experience that would leave you thinking about things differently and asking questions about how we live.

Architectural Tiny Three TenStyling project Tiny Three Ten

What do you want guests to be able to take away from their experience after staying? Other than a great night sleep in Carlotta + Gee linen!

We want our guests to leave inspired, invigorated, and prioritise what is important to them. We would love them to think about what they truly need to be happy and the difference between quality and quantity. Life has become very convenient, but it is the more challenging, slower road that is the most rewarding. We have deliberately designed Tiny Three Ten so you can't just pop a pod in a coffee maker or switch on an air-conditioner; you have to take the time to brew your coffee and rely on the afternoon southerly to cool down.

Sleep in Carlotta + Gee linen on Tiny Three Ten

Featuring our Olive Duvet Cover, Flat Sheet in Olive
Stripes and Pillowcases in Storm

What made you choose C+G linen? Also, you have stuck with the green shades for your linen, how did the design element come to you and what was your vision?

Once you sleep in high-quality linen sheets, you won't sleep in anything else ever again, so we always knew we would work with linen. It was also important for us to work with an Australian business, ideally female- owned, and to develop a genuine relationship. We have all of that and more with C&G! Seriously, sleep in their bed linen!
In terms of the colour scheme we selected, we wanted to bring the outdoors in. Where Tiny Three Ten is located the colourway of Olive, Olive Stripes and Storm did precisely that - it shifted the focus to the natural environment, while providing a calm and warm environment inside the cabin.

European pillowcases in Olive Carlotta and Gee on Tiny Three TenEuropean pillowcases Carlotta and Gee on Tiny Three Ten

Featuring our European pillowcases in Olive

Just like C+G, you have been very aware and carefully selecting products which have a positive social and environmental impact which is great - can you expand a little?

We are passionate social entrepreneurs and strongly believe businesses can create profound change. We strongly believe in people and the planet over profit. As mentioned before, we are not in business for business sake, we are here because we believe what we have created at Tiny Three Ten can be a part of a change. A change where people will desire and consume less - a change where people will value the natural environment and a change where people will move away from the technology that is distracting and focus on spending time in thought and conversation.

Will there be more in the future?

With our passion for simplicity, we are not motivated by a desire to expand a business for business sake; however, we do believe there is an increasing need for people to discover the essence of what life is really about; connection with yourself, your environment and those you care about most.

Kitchen Tiny Three Ten, Carlotta and GeeToilette Tiny Three Ten, Carlotta and Gee

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