These Cosy Cabins Feature the Bedding of Your Dreams

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Duvet Cover in Olive, Fitted Sheet in Natural, Flat Sheet in Natural,
Pillowcase Set (of two) in Olive, Pillowcase Set (of two) in Natural

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If you’re not yet familiar with In2thewild, allow us to introduce you. Cofounded by Celeste Giannas and Natasha Weir, their mission is to enable busy people to engage with the healing benefits of nature in one of their secluded tiny eco-wellness escapes, without skimping on comfort. With locations all over rural Australia (and more to come), their offering is a unique combination of rest and relaxation, and adventure for explorers of all stripes.

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Duvet Cover in Olive, Fitted Sheet in Natural, Flat Sheet in Natural,
Pillowcase Set (of two) in Olive, Pillowcase Set (of two) in Natural

You might already know that our vision for our customers is to invest in their emotional and physical health through quality sleep. We offer a pathway to this via our GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified bed linen, of course, but we’re also passionate about a broader approach to wellness. In2thewild feels similarly, which is why they’re known for tiny-but intentional spaces that are designed to rekindle a connection with nature.

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Tablecloth in French Navy, Tea-Towel Set in Natural

As In2thewild’s (longtime) official bedding partners, we’re honoured to be tasked with fitting out their tiny premium homes with our all-natural range of 100% French linen duvets, fitted and flat sheets and pillowcases. Celeste says she chose Carlotta + Gee linen to enhance the guest experience because ensuring a good night’s sleep is crucial. (“Being able to offer our guests an incredible sleep underpins the goal of our business – we’re promising a truly restorative wellness experience.”) Our eco-friendly ethos also marries well with In2thewild’s sustainable approach to local travel that’s powered by the rich diversity of the regional Australian landscape.

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Duvet Cover in Olive, Fitted Sheet in Natural, Flat Sheet in Natural,
Pillowcase Set (of two) in Olive, Pillowcase Set (of two) in Natural, Quilt Cover in Storm

To celebrate our partnership, we’ve teamed up with The Design Files to give away a stellar prize, including a $1000 voucher for In2thewild and $500 to spend at Carlotta+Gee*. Click here for your chance to win.

Cooking in cozy cabins with Quilt Cover in French NavyCooking in cozy cabins with European Pillowcases in Storm

Quilt Cover in French Navy, European Pillowcases in Storm

Entered? Read the rest of the interview with Celeste below.

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Carlotta+Gee: What an unbelievable business you’ve built with your cofounders. How did it start?

Celeste Giannas: In2thewild started organically in 2017. My co-founders and I were a group of overworked and busy friends and family who were all striving to reconnect with each other without distractions.

We got out in the wild without technology and immediately felt the restorative benefits of being in nature. Similar to the benefits the environment experiences from ‘rewilding’ [an effort to restore an area of land to a natural, uncultivated state], the feelings we had after a couple of days out in nature were therapeutic.

We wanted to share those benefits plus the richness of regional Australia – and so we started In2thewild.

Cosy cabins with In2thewild

C+G: How many tiny homes do you have, and what are your plans for new additions in the future?

Celeste Giannas: Every time we think about how many spectacular locations we have in our portfolio, it’s a pinch-me moment. We are currently sitting at 43 houses, with over 24 new houses launching later this year. Some of our new locations in Tasmania and Western Australia will be amongst our most wild In2thewild escapes yet.

We’re incredibly excited about what’s to come – we have some insanely unique locations to share in the next few months, as well as some impressive design innovations that will be firstto-market innovations globally.

C+G: What was your objective when starting this business?

Celeste Giannas: Our mission started simply with wanting to share the benefits of rewilding without the need to forgo the creature comforts of home, along with supporting regional communities. We don’t believe in roughing it to get our nature fix, so our tiny homes have always been places of comfort, quality and functionality. We want to make rewilding accessible, no matter your level of experience in the wild, so comfort is essential.

That’s where the large expansive windows and corner queen beds came from. We wanted to ensure that even when you’re relaxing or snuggled up in bed, you can soak in the surrounding views from every angle.

Aerial views cozy cabins with Carlotta and Gee

C+G: Post-pandemic, people want to disconnect – you were ahead of the curve! Tell us about that.

Celeste Giannas: Out of turbulent and unsettling times, we’ve witnessed a profound change in mindset. People are slowing down and prioritising self-care. There’s also a strong focus on sustainable and local travel. That was one of our inspirations for starting the business, too – we needed a place to escape our busy lives together. Even spending two days out in nature locally, we found that our minds were more still, we were better connected to each other, and our children could let their imaginations take them on beautiful adventures.

The year we launched, 2017, was a year of firsts. I was pregnant with my second child, and together with my co-founder/best friend/sister-in-law Tash, decided to find our first land partner and purchase our first tiny home. We deployed the house ourselves – it’s crazy to think how far we have come. In five years, we’ve got six children between us and a growing team who have guided over 18,000 people on their In2thewild escapes.

Cosy cabins, In2thewild and Carlotta and Gee

C+G: What has been your biggest successes and challenges?

Celeste Giannas: Every single guest being able to experience the benefits of nature is a success in our eyes. It’s that simple.

Juggling being a mother of three while running a growing regional travel business through a pandemic, bushfires, floods, and a plague has been challenging. And we couldn’t do what we’re doing through such unstable times without our incredible staff, rural land partners and regional housekeepers. It’s a team effort.

C+G: What’s your favourite thing about our partnership?

Celeste Giannas: I believe our collaborative relationship has continued to work as well as it has because we’re both representative of female-founded, female-led businesses that are unrelenting in their goal for excellence.

We’re careful about every item that enters our tiny homes. When we discovered the unmatched quality of Carlotta+Gee bed linen, it was a no-brainer that we would choose it. Being able to offer our guests an incredible sleep underpins the goal of our business – we’re promising a truly restorative wellness experience.

We’re proud to already have Carlotta+Gee linen fitting out our most epic locations and have plans to sustainably roll out your beautiful bedding into every one of our locations in the next 12 months.

Carlotta and Gee bed accessories in cozy cabinsCarlotta and Gee table accessories in cozy cabins

Duvet Cover in Olive, Fitted Sheet in Natural, Flat Sheet in Natural,
Pillowcase Set (of two) in Olive, Pillowcase Set (of two) in Natural, Tablecloth in French Navy

C+G: Which bed linen colours did you choose for your tiny homes and why?

Celeste Giannas: Nature is the driving focus of all the decisions we make, and that extends to what we choose to put in our tiny homes. Every texture, colour and scent is inspired by the sensorial richness of being out in the wild.

With Carlotta+Gee, we were inspired to keep the tones neutral and reminiscent of the Australian landscape. That’s why we’ve focused on a rich palette of Olive, stormy Charcoal, buttery Natural and fresh Sage.

Celeste Giannas, Natasha Weir and their children

Celeste Giannas on the left and Natasha Weir on the right, both of them with their own children. 

Images by Kenyon Batterson