Discover one of the best shacks in Tasmania: Captains Rest

Captains Rest on Carlotta and Gee

Images by Lean Timms & Sarah Andrews

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We are thrilled to share one of our favourite locations with you in misty Tasmania called Captains Rest. Designed and founded by selling Author, Designer, and Teacher Sarah Andrews.

Captains Rest is one of the most unique and special cabins situated in a World Heritage forest. It boasts some of the best views from a jetty right out the front – a great spot for a morning coffee or a wine at sunset. Keep your eyes peeled for the local fishermen, they will usually sell you fresh fish! The shack is available for rent on Airbnb and is an ideal location for a couples getaway escape.


C+G at Captains RestDiscover Carlotta and Gee at Captains Rest

Sarah Andrews is the Founder of The Master Airbnb. She designed Captains Rest with extreme attention to detail and thoughtfulness to coastal comfort in style.

You will get lost in the chic vintage furniture and feel immersed in the sea life; sailing yachts, historical decor of old newspapers and sea maps, binoculars and other navigation items, all adding to the natural tones and textures of the space.

C+G's Linen at Captains RestDiscover Carlotta and Gee Linen Products

Linen Bedding from Carlotta+Gee


Quilt Cover in Sand, Pyjama Shirt in French Navy, Pyjama Pants in French Navy

Complimenting the beautiful interior finishes, you will find our C+G linen, which Sarah has styled with perfection in the master bedroom. A mixture of our favourite neutrals, contrasted with the understated Olive Duvet set, the room feels peaceful and tranquil as it overlooks the outdoor landscape.

Carlotta+Gee's Luxury Linen

C+G's Luxury Linen at Captains RestCarlotta and Gee Bedding Products

Quilt Cover in Sand, Duvet Cover in Sand, Fitted Sheet in Olive, Flat Sheet in Sand, Pillowcase Set (of two) in Olive, Pillowcase Set (of two) in Sand, European Pillowcase Set (of two) in Sand

We were very luck to interview Sarah Andrews and find out about her inside secrets and how to grow a popular airbnb that’s on everyone’s bucket list to visit.

CG: When did your love affair with interiors begin?

SA: I've always been an introvert who liked building my own worlds around me. One of my earliest memories is 'moving' myself into a little hayshed and turning it into a home. It was a place I could read and play in peace with all the things I loved surrounding me.

CG: Why did you choose Tasmania for The Captain’s Rest?

SA: I grew up in Western Australia and then spent most of my adult life exploring the wider world outside our great southern land. I moved to Tasmania about six years ago. A surprising amount of retired adventurers end up here. It’s the wild and varied landscapes we have. It was a natural choice for The Captain’s Rest.

Captain's Rest Luxury Linen

CG: You were initially a scientist. Tell us about your career change

SA: I loved being a scientist, but my creative side (who loved to write and draw and dream) wanted more. Even when I was sailing around the world alone on my boat, my cabin was full of embroidery, drawings, and painting of the clouds. I turned my ‘head’ (a boat term for a small bathroom) into a dark room where I could develop film.

CG: You have taught many Airbnb owners the foundations of what makes a successful place; what is your best piece of advice for someone starting out?

SA: Education. Having a beautiful space is not enough. If you think about it, you probably know of loads of incredible spaces no one else knows about. Moving into the Airbnb space, you become a micro hotelier, and there are many hats to wear. Knowing what you're about to launch into will not only save you hundreds of thousands in mistakes, it can make you hundreds of thousands in profit over the next few years. You'll see!

CG: What’s next for you?

SA: I've been lucky enough to create a whole new world for myself. I have long dreamed of a little lonely cottage surrounded by flowers. A place to sit, watch the clouds drift past, smell the roses, and picnic in the bluebells. (A place where fairies might even exist!)

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