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Here at Carlotta + Gee we think the good life is all about both luxury and comfort, which is why we were delighted to work with the fab team behind newly renovated Sagres House, Queenscliff in Victoria. In fact, we designed a bespoke collection just for them. A match made in design heaven, we’d say. Read on for the full story. 

In case you’ve not heard of it, Sagres is an incredible three-story Air BnB destination designed by architect Wayne Gillespie in 1991 that has since been updated to more contemporary standards. Whilst being modernised, owner Jo Youl ensured that its essence has remained in check with Wayne's architectural vision from all those years ago still firmly on show.

When you first enter, the stunningly understated interiors are the first thing that strikes you. Homely yet luxurious. Not overly cluttered but textured. The result of careful curation, interior designer Emily Fitzgerald has featured hand-picked items from some of Australia's best fixtures, furniture, art, and textiles (that’s us!) throughout to add layers of visual interest to the house and really bring her vision of waterside comfort and luxury to life.

Then, the next thing you notice is the view. Queenscliff overlooks the heads of Port Phillip Bay, providing breathtaking views of the glittering sea and the ships as they make their way in and out of port. In fact, the idea for the look and feel of the interiors was to not only complement the original design but also allow the stunning natural surroundings to seep inside.

The house feels calm, airy and elegant with a beachy overtone, “like being on holiday on the Amalfi coast” (Jo’s very own words). So when we were tasked with creating custom textiles to feature throughout the space, we set out to complement the mood of the house, by adding colour, texture and a dash of personality.

In fact, our linen can be found on their hotel concept store and in all the rooms, ensuring that guests can enjoy deep rest and comfort throughout their stay. Like Jo and Emily from Sagres, we really believe it's the small details that people remember — our linen is one of those things that can really elevate a guest's experience. 

Read our interview with Jo below to find out more about this stunning property and a little more about the secret behind the success, including a peel into other design projects and word of mouth growth.

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C+G: Tell us about the background of Sagres Queenscliff?

JC: The house was designed by architect Wayne Gillespie in 1991. This incredible three-story abode overlooks the heads of Port Phillip Bay (around an hour from Melbourne), providing breathtaking views of the sea and the ships as they make their way in and out of Melbourne and Geelong Ports.

Sagres has been updated to embrace the modern era whilst remaining in check with Wayne’s architectural vision all those years ago. The interiors have been carefully crafted by myself and Emily Fitzgerald, who hand -picked some of Australia’s best fixtures, furniture, art and textiles to add layers to the house and bring it to life.

C+G: This is not your first property, you also have On Island Time, Flinders Island - what is your secret as you seem to have the winning formula?

JC: Designing and decorating the properties so people like us would love to be there, visit and unwind. You want them to feel inspired when they are there and they walk away wanting to tell their friends. Our growth is very organic and word of mouth. You must have beautiful furnishing, towels, and of course linen. It’s the small details that people remember. 

C+G: What can guests expect when they come to stay? 

JC: A great view, that is for sure! They will feel relaxed in a sophisticated environment. You really could be anywhere in the world with the outlook. The house has such history and we are excited that visitors can enjoy all aspects like the outdoor bath, showers, king beds, sea views and private garden. We are currently working on providing a concierge service, in house dining, treatments, golf, winery and water sport packages.

C+G: Working alongside Emily Fitzgerald with all the interiors, what was the idea for the look and feel?

JC: It was important that the interiors complimented the original design, while allowing the surroundings to soak in. We wanted people to walk into the house and feel the perfect proportions of the house. We wanted the house to feel clean, calm and sophisticated in a beachy environment, like being on holiday on the Amalfi coast. We then added layers to the fresh white walls to add colour and texture to create a design that is calm while also layered and full of personality. We created our custom textiles to compliment the feel of the house.   

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