Carlotta + Gee is more than just a ‘product,’ rather it is a lifestyle, an aesthetic, a personality and it’s de- signed to make your bedroom your favourite space. We want it to contribute to the overall feeling you want to have, touch, smell and see when you go to sleep and wake up each day.

Our dream is for people to invest in themselves; in their mind, body, health and wealth. Having a good sleep will assist in making you feel inspired and energised, as well as a feeling of calmness.

We spend one third of our lives in our bed, so our aim is to transform every bed into a unique and memorable space. Many factors contribute to sound sleep, including room temperature, mattress quality, routines before going to bed, and the type of bedding we sleep in. Carlotta + Gee has specialised in producing the best linen bedding to help you have a good night’s sleep. Your sleep is one of the most important investments – if not the most! We sometimes forget that we are in our bed for nearly the same time as we are at our desks working, so it needs to be something we value and feel comfortable in. Sleep determines how your day will play out. Try it out tomorrow.... see how you feel once you open your eyes and how this sets the day.