Blog 1: Dreams


Often Carlotta and I discuss about our dreams. What happens in that moment when you sleep, dreaming about something.

Why can’t that dream become a reality!

I think the answer is and have often tested this theory is visualise what you want, dream it and then it is clear. It is when things become fuzzy, hazy, complicated that they don’t come true.

So, I want you to try this week. Just start.

Carlotta + Gee is a perfect example of a dream that then become a reality. Too often we say, “oh I’ll do that next week” or “I can never make that happen” or “it is too big of a job”. Suddenly one thing leads to another, then the snowball effect. Without you knowing it is inspiring to others. Just do it. Think differently and push boundaries. We are now into our 4th order, our house is a linen house, media and stylists are contacting us and most importantly we are interacting with other passionate linen lovers. 

But when you start small, actioning little to do lists with a clear goal, it will happen.

Remember that dream and share it with someone, your barrister, your best friend, your lover or pen it down in your journal – sleep and dream well.

Love Gee x